Insurance is a must for all. Imagine one of your lines snapped and your kite spins out of control, injuring people on the beach, or the council's bill when you damage public property, or if your kite went up someone else's house and did damage. How much would the bill be? There are 2 policies you can get in Australia - AKSA & IKO and we have put them side by side for comparison:

Kiteboarding Australia: IKO:
Third Party Cover: A$20m €150,000 Euros
Disability: A$150k 15,000 Euros
Death: A$150k 15,000 Euros
Rescue Costs : n/a 8,000 Euros
Duration of policy: 12 months from date of joining 12 months from date of joining
Claim Excess: A$500 US$250
Medicare/Private Health Funds Must claim own health funds first Included
Covered in Amateur Competitions: Yes Yes
Covered sports: Kiteboarding Kiteboarding, Snowkiting,  Powerkiting (onland), standup paddle, surf, kayak and windsurfing.
Cover: Worldwide (except US/Canada) Worldwide and on Recreational Liability, Equipment Damage, Accident Insurance plus lots of IKO members benefits,
Underwriter: V-Insurance XL Insurance SE
Cost: A$150/yr
  • US$27.08 Basic Cover
  • US$37.08 Plus Cover
  • US$57.08 Premium Cover

For IKO Insurance, CLICK HERE to register and get cover immediately.

For KA insurance, visit In the 'discount code' section, put in code SURFCONNECT to get discounted pricing.


Policy details is referenced from KAL & IKO's website and we do not hold responsibility for currency and accuracy. Contact the relevant body to confirm policy cover before purchasing.