Stand Up Paddleboarding

Surf Connect provide stand up paddle boards so you can have a picture-perfect relaxing afternoon or morning on the ocean with friends and family.

What’s Stand Up Paddleboarding?

SUP Brisbane! This isn’t a quirky greeting, SUP is short for Stand Up Paddleboarding and is exactly what is says on the tin. All you have to do is stand on a large surfboard and propel yourself forward with a paddle. But, unlike traditional surfing, you don't have to wait for the waves. In fact, a paddleboard, which is wildly popular, can be used on lakes, rivers, pools or any sufficiently large body of water.

Not only it is easy to learn, most people can get straight up and standing within minutes. It is also a great workout on your core muscles. Best sessions are early morning and you may even see dolphins, stingrays and even dugongs have been spotted here at Sandgate. Rental, group or private lessons are available 7 days a week; we have a number off stand up paddle boards, making this activity a great team building exercise or just a really cool and fun group event!

Stand Up Paddle Board Brisbane

If you want to give stand up paddleboarding a whirl, then give us a ring with your card details to hand or Book a Standup Paddleboard Lesson online. We also have a range of sup accessories for rent and stock only the best stand up paddle boards on the market.

Or do you want to give stand up paddleboarding as a gift to your nearest and dearest? Then that’s no problem as we do some thoughtful gift cards to make it easy for you.

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