IKO Kitesurf Instructors Courses;

ATC (Assistant Instructors): 25-29 March 2024. Fee: A$950*.

IEC (Existing Instructors Re-Accreditation): 31 March - 4 April 2024 Fee: A$1699*.

ITC (Instructors Level 1): 31 March - 4 April 2024 Fee: A$1699*.

*excludes IKO enrolment fee of US$169 for ATC and US$299 for IEC/ITC. Note IKO fee is in US$ and SC fee is in A$

Venue: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Kitesurf Zero to Hero Instructors Course

For those who are not kitesurfers yet but like to learn and then become an instructor, we have a 3 months program where we teach you everything from the very beginning, first you learn how to kite, then you learn how to become an Assistant Instructor. The last part of the course is the official IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) AI (Assistant Instructor) course. After you attained the IKO AI certification, you will qualify to work at any IKO Centres around the world, and to complete the Level 1 Instructor's Course which we also run in house twice a year, normally in March and September.

During the course, not only you will learn how to kite and how to teach, but all aspects in becoming a kitesurf instructor, from administration, accounting, stocking, maintenance, repairs, customer service, psychology and management. This course is an individual program and candidates can start anytime between July and March. Fee: US$3999+ IKO AI Course fee US$600. Fee covers 5 days of training a week for 3 months. Optional available: accommodation, overseas trips.

Criteria: 16 years of age, able to swim competently and of reasonable health.

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