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9'0'' Beach Wing SUP Air

9'0'' Beach Wing SUP Air

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The 9'0" Beach Wing inflatable SUP is designed with a thinner profile and bigger keel to give you improved performance on flat water and against chop. The mini version of the 11’ Beach Wing Air, this 9’ board is an easy ride and perfect for smaller/lighter riders, and for kids. This is a great board for learning SUP and for families, giving you a great combination of glide and stability.

It has centre, front and rear carry handles, two stainless steel attachment points (rear leash + front tow point) and a large foam deck pad for comfort and grip. It also comes with integral elasticated netting deck straps to carry extra equipment safely.

Glued under-and-over reinforcements give the Drop Stitch structure extra rigidity and toughness. The package is lightweight without losing durability.

Ideal for

  • Flat water leisure paddling with family and friends, and for smaller/lighter riders.


A light, easy-riding board with smooth glide and great maneuverability, built to last.

Product Specifications

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  • Complete dimensions 274 cm x 76 cm x 190 L
  • Weight 19 lbs / 8.5 kg
  • Max riders weight 143 lbs / 65 kg

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