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BIC One Design Booms

BIC One Design Booms

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The new One Design booms have been specially designed to fit One Design rigs on Techno 293 OD boards. They are manufactured for Tahe Outdoors France by Nautix, and have added extra durability whilst still being great value for money. They are front handles are made of polycarbonate shell filled with fiberglass, giving an excellent ratio of rigidity and durability.

They come ready-fitted with aluminium clam-cleats and multiple pulley options that allow you to fit an in-haul/out-haul kit for a partially wound sail whilst in motion, an absolute necessity for racers and race situations.

The EVA sleeve gives excellent grip and ride comfort.

To improve the sail’s aerodynamics, geometrics of the One Design boom has been modified by widening the rear section. This means the tubes are wider apart, leaving more space for the sail, which can achieve a fuller setting without deforming too much on the downwind tube.

This new boom has already been validated by the class and is included in the 2019 Techno 293 OD specifications.

Note we normally have this in stock but just in case we do not, it may take a few weeks to bring the product in from the supplier if they have product in stock. You may wish to check with us before ordering as whilst we can refund any out of stock items, we cannot refund the 2% Shopify fees. 

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