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BIC Windsurf Boards

BIC Windsurf Boards

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In the face of a rush towards elite-level performance boards and the seemingly endless models that have appeared since the year 2000 (supplied by manufacturing in the Far East) BIC Sport has opted to do things very differently. We’ve concentrated our efforts on a smaller, focused range of products and have invested in establishing monotype/formula competitions for the long-term health of the sport. Read more 

With manufacturing based in France we’ve been able to respond rapidly to the sport’s changing trends using exclusive, highly efficient production methods and technologies. Our new Windsurf Collection consists of four series of boards concentrating on a limited number of models: TECHNO, BEACH and SUP WIND.

 TECHNO are the ideal boards for attacking and getting into funboarding, the Techno 148 and Techno 133 give you great sailing speeds in light to moderate winds. Fast to learn, easy to jibe, the perfect combination of ingredients to give you unlimited freeride fun, with some great surf sensations to enjoy from day 1.
 With the BEACH series you’ll find the unrivalled strength and solidity of our new TOUGH-TEC construction, combined with imaginative modern shapes. A robust, durable board at a price that will suit sailing schools, clubs and families looking for simple, accessible fun on the water.
 SUP is the most recent arrival in the BIC Windsurf range. Our three SUP WIND models are the «missing-link» between windsurf and the new paddle sport that is coming of age.
The 11’6 is a huge success with families and clubs looking for a quality all-purpose board: great for SUP, great for windsurfing.

As for competitive windsurfing, BIC Sport has been steering a very different course from its market rivals lately. After winning numerous World Championship titles around the year 2000, BIC has turned its attention to establishing monotype Competitions and developing the Techno 293 One Design as the worldwide official competition race board for juniors. This has made Techno 293 OD a true windsurfing phenomenon, one of the most dynamic race class in the world.

As for Windfoiling - it is revolutionising windsurfing. The Techno 130 Windfoil is the new Windsurf Foil board for Youth. World Sailing’s decision to select a windsurf foil board for the 2024 Olympic Games is further proof of the mutation of our sport. To help the transition between the classic OD board and the new Olympic Foil class, Tahe Outdoors has created the Techno 130 Wind Foil. It’s a high performance all-in-one package - board, foil and sail rig - combining solid durability with easy accessibility, and will enable sailing clubs to invest in long-lasting equipment for their young sailors to race on. Riding the wave of success created by the Techno 293OD class, the new Techno Windfoil class will run a programme of national and international competition events, with exactly the same fair-play, friendly spirit that has made 293 so popular. The 130 Windfoil pack price is set as low as possible to help prevent an equipment “arms race”, and to support clubs running races for their U17s and U19s. The U15s will continue racing on the Techno 293OD. A series of events is planned in 2021, most notably during and as part of the Techno 293OD World Championships.

A TOP QUALITY SHAPE FOR MIXED FOIL/SLALOM SAILING The Techno 130 Windfoil board has been shaped by Jean-Marie Guiriec, one of the best shapers in the business. It enables planing in as little as 10 knots with the foil, and to ride slalom in stronger winds by switching to the fin. It’s a top-performing 100% hybrid board, very accessible, and a perfect fit for junior monotype racing. This versatility means coaches and trainers can choose what skills to teach and races to run, depending on the wind and water conditions.

  • Length 230cm
  • Width 81.5cm
  • Volume 130L
  • Weight 9.5kg
  • Fin box Deep Tuttle
  • Fin Select S1 (Sold separately)
  • Daggerboard -
  • Ideal sail (m²) Foil: 5.1 > 8.0 /. Wind: 6.0 > 8.0

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