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Blokart - 3.0 Meter Sail

Blokart - 3.0 Meter Sail

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3.0m Sail(with rigging)

  • BSA0202-10 - Red
  • BSA0204-10 - Orange
  • BSA0201-10 - Blue
  • BSA0206-10 - Black

A fun, fast, exciting sail in a relatively strong breeze. Example: Adults (60-80kg): 20-30 knots Children (30-50kg): 12-20 knots Includes battens, boom, sheet & pulley whip all packed into a sail bag. Available in Blue, Red, Orange and Black

Our sails come in four different sizes—2 m, 3 m, 4 m, and 5.5 meters—so you can swap sails according to the wind strength or sailor's body weight. All sails are made from dacron sail cloth, with reinforced mylar for the clear leach panels, and tapered fiberglass battens.

This item is ordered on requirement. You may wish to check with us before ordering as whilst we can refund any out of stock items, we cannot refund the 2% Shopify fees. 

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