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Flysurfer Hybrid Kite

Flysurfer Hybrid Kite

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Flysurfer Hybrid

SIZES: 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.5 / 7.5 / 9.5 / 11.5
TECHNOLOGY: Hybrid Foil Kite
FOCUS: Progression, Hydrofoiling, Travel, Touring
SKILLS: Beginner - Advanced

The future's foil-kite technology is integrated into a new product line to make kite sports more accessible. We believe we have created the best kite for the next generation, engineered for easy control and leading the way with fun, progression, and durability season after season.

The HYBRID merges two foil-kite constructions: Double- and Single-Skins.
It combines the depower, control, and stability of a Single-Skin and the water relaunch ability, and handling of a Double-Skin. The compact kite's performance and bar feel can be changed with the technical feature "Performance Tuner" Choose between hard- and soft settings to change bar forces and pull on your hook.

The low-aspect self-inflatable kite generates minimal lift and moderate power spikes to accommodate youngins beginning their shred journey. Empower potential and get them started young!

Wind Range Chart

The wind range chart is to be used as a point of reference. It is based on a rider who weighs around 75kg (165lbs.) Actual use will vary depending on your weight, skill level, board size/type (twintip or hydrofoil) and wind conditions on water or land. When choosing a kite size, always use common sense and repeatedly choose a smaller size if you are not sure, especially when using the kite on land.

Note we normally have this in stock but just in case we do not, it may take a few weeks to bring the product in from the supplier if they have product in stock. You may wish to check with us before ordering as whilst we can refund any out of stock items, we cannot refund the 2% Shopify fees.

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