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Gin Kites

Gin Kites Boom V2

Gin Kites Boom V2

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Boom v2



The Boom V2 was developed for athletes looking for performance, results, and stability. It is IKA registered, perfect for the Olympic Hydrofoil Kitefoil racing discipline. It is the ideal kite for racing fans and the ones looking for advanced sensations.
The Boom V2 will most certainly make you fly over your own limits!


Performance with technology

A dedicated kite for the regatta lovers, which delivers a constant power and a high depower that remains pleasant in the steering feeling. The technology based on 2 lines offers a comfortable and effortless piloting. With the Boom V2, you will have the pleasure to go racing and give your best performance.

Solid and cohesive

The Boom v2 is made of 28g – 36g fabric with high-performance technology.The good pressure in the kite makes it solid and stable. A stability that presents itself in pitching on all speed and wind ranges.

Precise handling

The Boom V2 is a light, even very light kite, perfect for light wind. It is characterized by its stability, which makes it ideal for a race kite. In order for it to perform at its best, experienced handling and sensitivity are key. The kite will then be an extension of your arms, connecting you directly to the elements. This allows for precise and well-coordinated turns.

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