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Gin Kites

Gin Kites Instinct HB

Gin Kites Instinct HB

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Instinct H.B.

Free race


The unique Instinct HB will help you reach outstanding speed.    

The bar response, as well as its precise control will convince you to ride it in any terrains, in any conditions. It offers such a perfect stability, that the gust won’t even be felt, even in strong wind. That closed-cell kite will help you achieve new goals and reach the highest levels. Once you try the Instinct HB, everything becomes easier. Overall, a free-race oriented kite, ideal for any discipline. 


Powerful and airy

The Instinct HB is very light, and thus swings perfectly in low wind. It is easy to fly thanks to its advanced technology that makes it very handy. It is a responsive kite, which will allow you to perform any kind of operation while maintaining the perfect depower. The insane lift it generates allows for outstanding speeds and thrills reach.


Produced with Myungjin fabric, the Instinct HB is composed of a Korean paragliding technology, more rigid but with good porosity.


If you are looking for a skillful kite progression, the Instinct HB will be your go-to kite. It is dynamic and versatile and offers maximum responsiveness. You will feel constant power in any conditions. Plus, it has a good wind range, so no extra adjustments are needed.

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