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Gin Kites

Gin Kites Marabou 2

Gin Kites Marabou 2

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The Gin Marabou 2 is the very first hybrid kite in the world that combines a single surface and the construction of a closed-cell kite, thereby opening up brand new perspectives. This small, versatile kite generates exceptional power, which makes it perfect for twintipping, foiling, and surfing. Thanks to its incredible stability and reliability, the Marabou 2 is an intuitive and user-friendly kite. 


The Marabou 2’s innovative hybrid construction consists of 40% closed-cell and 60% single-surface. Its new square shape with rounded tips enables you to experience an incredibly small and light kite that generates extraordinary power on twintip boards, foil boards or surfboards.


The Marabou 2’s lightweight design makes it possible to carry the product in a small bag that weighs less than your water bottle. Regardless of the wind available, even without a single pump stroke, your session will be unforgettable. After what, the zip on the inside of the leading edge will allow you to deflate the canopy faster. 


The Marabou 2 performs exceptionally well in light winds and offers astonishing stability. In fact, its depower and maneuverability will make your session easy right away, delivering power throughout the entire wind range. The closed leading edge also allows the kite to be positioned further forward of the window and gives more performance upwind.

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The first Marabou was released in 2019 at Gin Kiteboarding. There's was no doubt about it; it wasn't a tube kite, nor a foil kite, nor a single-skin kite, but a hybrid kite. It featured a closed-cell leading structure, with 70% unsinkable sail, and a single-surface kite. It was such an innovation in the market that it needed to be improved further.  

The development of the new revolutionary hybrid kite started in 2020 when Hans Bollinger joined our team. He extensively studied the first Marabou, and reviewed the different materials he could use such as the fabrics, pulleys, bridles, etc. Since he comes from the paragliding industry, he was able to see what had already been developed and made some tests, especially as the kite is constantly being exposed to humid and salty conditions.


As soon as Hans Bollinger started the new Marabou's development, he knew he wanted a kite that would accelerate more quickly and be more stable in the window. Starting that kite's development from scratch to improve it in all these aspects was a real headache for Hans. Choosing the right sail profile and outline was the most challenging part. As for the attachment points, he had to figure out where to place them and how to attach them.  

You might be wondering why such a small kite would be so amazing.
There are many benefits to using a single-skin kite, such as its lightweight, efficiency, and ability to fit into your backpack when packed up. With a double-skinned leading edge, the air can enter via a chamber fitted with a zip, maintaining the air on that leading edge. There are even some water release systems on the wingtips and zips to help you deflate the canopy faster. 

Furthermore, even in relatively small sizes, the kite will fly in almost no wind conditions and will stay at the zenith with no pressure. The power it immediately delivers on the water will give you the feeling of riding a tube kite. When you release the bar, the kite's power stops immediately, making it an amazing experience.

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