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KiteAid Leading Edge & Strut Repair Kit

KiteAid Leading Edge & Strut Repair Kit

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Taking full advantage of the KITEAID developed heat activated technology, this product gives you completely invisible repairs.  The Leading Edge & Strut Repair product is designed to be positioned inside the strut or leading edge and then ironed on once the positioning is perfect.  This revolutionary repair technique is unique to this product, putting it in a class of its own as the easiest way to professionally repair your kite.  

Bring KITEAID on your next kite vacation to ensure the good times are not cut short...

3" x 30" Leading Edge & Strut Repair patch, Heat shields, Abrasive pads, Alcohol swabs, Instructions, Sticker and Waterproof travel case

Strong Durable UV Resistant Flexible Heat Activated

Customer Reviews

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Blown away!

I had the mainsail on my 21' San Juan get caught by a rouge gust as I was attempting to drop it in sustained 20mph winds and the end result was a 10" long tear running parallel to and 3" off of the luff starting about 20" above the tack. Ugly didn't even begin to describe it. I used this leading edge kit applying patch material to both sides and have to say I'm beyond impressed!
Since the repair I've pusher her pretty hard in 15 mph winds and there has been no hint of this patch letting loose.
Thank you Kiteaid!!

Thanks for the review Randall! We are glad that KITEAID saved your session on the water.


Leading edge repair

I thought my kite would need a loft repair after a LE blow out. Used the thermoplastic and the LE was 100%. Virtually invisible. I saved a packet in time and money.
Mike Oakley - South Africa

The Perfect Solution

I had a 4" cut in my LE dacron after connecting with a metal dock. I was concerned that purchasing and shipping from Canada would be a hassle, but everything worked just as if I was across town. I was also concerned that a special iron would be necessary, but I was assured that it wasn't. The instructional videos were all that I need to make a quick and permanent repair. I love how the seam is nearly invisible and that after 3 years it is working without any issues!

Great Product

I used this kit to fix a 6cm cut in the leading edge. I like it very much as it is applied from inside the LE without the need to unsew it and therefore creates a durable and strong fix. Also, as it is thermally activated, the two side can be perfectly aligned before application. It is also very simple to use.

Vacation saver

I used the Dacron tape with heat activated glue two strikes on 2 inches only on the leading edge of my new CORE XR4 super stiff DACRON LE... simply followed the steps on KITEAID tutorial and used a basic iron...and it works perfect! I had to cut a litlle more the leading edge in order to make space to remove the bladder... a bit tricky but worked fine. It hold amazing and the repair is almost not visible! Thanks Kiteaid!


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