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Learning to Windsurf with Alan Cadiz on Maui

Learning to Windsurf with Alan Cadiz on Maui

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“Learning to Windsurf with Alan Cadiz on Maui” is HST’s newest instructional DVD. It starts with an in-depth look at entry-level windsurfing. Then a quick look at different types of boards and sails and how to rig your sail. From there, waterstarting is broken down into several skills. A point-of-view camera gives you the feeling of being there during the skills progression. Lots of troubleshooting will help to guide you through your learn-to-waterstart experience.

Robby Naish says, “Alan has done it again … This DVD takes windsurfing instruction to a new level with simple easy-to-understand steps. From the basics to intermediate instruction, this is the way to learn to windsurf … just add water!”

The DVD continues with sailing a shorter board; learning how to use a harness, the progression for footstraps and techniques for sailing in high wind.

This DVD will prime the soon-to-be windsurfer with the information they need to excel at the sport and also teach veterans of the sport some new tricks to keep them challenged.

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