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Liquid Thunder at Jaws

Liquid Thunder at Jaws

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"LIQUID THUNDER AT JAWS" - An award winning, Collector's DVD on the "Adrenalamaniacs" who tear up the faces of what has been called the most powerful, life-threatening wave on the planet. Come face to face with these titanic waves as well as this elite breed of watermen as they take you behind the scenes, on a journey of a lifetime.

Find out why they would risk their lives to ride this beast called "JAWS". This SPECIAL EDITION DVD has it all... Breathtaking footage that has featured on shows around the world (National Geographic, Discovery, Time/ Life, Fox, TBN.... ) Big wipeouts and moments that will have you holding your breath, filmed from water, land and air - over 8 years in the making, with new digitally remastered footage of some of the greatest JAWS moments ever. Extra Features: Garret McNamara feature - One of the biggest tube rides in history Kiteboarding Jaws Making Of Extreme Movies Wipeout interviews Plus lots more....

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