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Mountain Boards MBS

Mountain Boards MBS

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Mountainboarding feels very much like snowboarding, skating and surfing but can be done without snow, waves or pavement. For mountainboarders, the earth is a giant skatepark with new lines constantly springing to life everywhere they walk, ride, or drive.

Mountainboarding is enjoyed in over 30 countries and continues to be one of the most exciting board sports.

Combined with a kite, the sport becomes 'Land kiting' where you will experience the thrill of kitesurfing on grass, dirt, or firm sand. Land kiting is a great alternative to traditional kitesurfing on water and is a sport in its own right.

There are 5 models in the MBS range:

MBS COLT 90 - AUD$429.95

  • Deck - Sturdy maple-lam deck.

  • Trucks - ATS.12 trucks with 12mm axles are strong, light, and easily adjustable.

  • Bindings - F1 Velcro bindings easily adjust to fit your foot.

  • Wheels - MBS FiveStar hubs with genuine MBS 8" T1 tires make this board as fast as its older siblings.


MBS COMP 95 - AUD$849.95

  • Deck - Powerlam composite Comp 95 deck with multi-camber and asymmetric concave.

  • Trucks - Matrix II channel trucks with CrMo axles, alum hanger, and composite top truck. Strong and precise.

  • Suspension - MBS ShockBlock truck suspension lets you dial in your turning resistance just the way you like it.

  • Bindings - MBS' F5 ratchet bindings with dual density foam offer maximum comfort and adjustability.

  • Wheels - MBS RockStar II hubs with 8" T3 tires are strong, true, and offer unparalleled traction on dirt.



  • DECK: Dylan Warren signature deck with ultra stiff and poppy powerlam composite layup and asymmetric concave.
  • TRUCKS: MBS Metal Matrix II channel trucks with hollow CrMo axles and 6061-T6 aluminium top truck and hanger.
  • BUSHINGS: MBS ShockBlock truck suspension (Orange Medium) - dial in your turning resistance just the way you like it with the simple turn of a screw.
  • BINDINGS: MBS F5 ratchet bindings with dual density foam offer maximum comfort, adjustability, and strength.
  • HUBS: MBS RockStar II Hubs - Fast, true, light and indestructible.
  • TIRES: MBS T1 Tires - Lightweight and versatile on a wide range of terrains, from dirt parks to street spots.

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