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Mystic - Wing Foil Harness

Mystic - Wing Foil Harness

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Our wing foil harness is ideal for longer distances as a lightweight design with simple padding. It sits comfortably around the waist and leaves the rider with plenty freedom of movement. Featuring a selflocking webbing strap, and a leash on the back to attach your board. The injection molded slider hook can hold up to 400kg and slide to either side while you paddle.

  • Lightweight design
  • Padded back support
  • Board leash attachment loop on back

Note we normally have this in stock but just in case we do not, it may take a few weeks to bring the product in from the supplier if they have product in stock. You may wish to check with us before ordering as whilst we can refund any out of stock items, we cannot refund the 2% Shopify fees. 

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