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Serious About Waves #1

Serious About Waves #1

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Part 1: In the first program there are sections on choosing, setting up and learning to sail wave kit; on reading and assessing the conditions; on the tricky business of getting out and on what to do to save body and equipment if it all goes wrong. The boys then concentrate on wave-riding. Not only do they intimately dissect the classic moves such as bottom turns, cutbacks and aerials but also look the tactics of it all. How do the good guys get out in light wind? How do they always take off right on the peak?

Brians notes: You may have questions about how this video compares to Peter Harts first instructional wave video – s go Wavesailin. I believe they dont really overlap each other too much. They actually compliment each other.

If you have never been in the waves before and want to get some overall instruction to get your confidence up, then try S go Wavesailin. It is filmed in the Dominican Republic, mostly in lighter onshore winds, with sloppy 2-4 foot waves. It gives a lot of instruction on things you might not give much thought about, like learning to jibe faster and tighter, quickening your waterstarts, gearing your all-round board or sail to behave better in the surf. Great beginner wave stuff.

Serious about Waves is…well…more serious. It is filmed mostly in side-shore to side-off wind conditions and concentrates on more classic waveriding – using dedicated wave gear, riding down the line, and being cool. But dont think you need to be an Olympic swimmer, do double forwards, or be some rad Hookipa dude to handle this stuff. It is very attainable.

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