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SIC SUP/Surf/Convert Foil Boards

SIC SUP/Surf/Convert Foil Boards

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Foil Board | Sup

Launching up onto the foil with ease was the main focus behind the Mako design. Compared to the Manta surf foil, the Mako SUP foil is longer and gains speed with ease under paddle power, as opposed to having the assistance and push from a swell or wave.

The Mako is slightly narrower than the Manta, however, it has 10 more liters of volume to support the paddler’s standing weight. The nose has a more sleek and pointy design to be more forgiving and to surface faster if the board purls.

The general dimension and foam flow distribution enhance fore and aft stability and the bottom rail chines help to keep the board from catching when you touch down and possibly catapulting you over the bow. The rail chines also are designed so you don’t catch your rail in steep turns. The contoured deck increases sensitivity to the rail and allows you to push and pump without slipping.

Foil Board | Windsurf | SUP

The Marlin is the most versatile foil board in the SIC range. If you SUP surf, windsurf foil or downwind foil, the Marlin offers you performance in all of these disciplines.

Most noticeably about the Marlin is the deep center step channel, similar to what we put on the RS but much deeper. There are two primary goals of this deep step channel. First, to build up a high pressure at the board’s centerline, creating lift for the board to get on foil early. The second goal was for tracking and to ensure that the bottom of the board where the dual tracks are mounted were parallel to the top deck standing area allowing the board to fly level when on the foil.


Foil Board | Surf

The Manta, while primarily a SUP surf foil board, is also a lot of fun on shorter downwind runs and longer runs for advanced paddlers. This board is designed to catch waves and swell which would not normally be ideal surfing conditions, however, are a blast on the Manta. Don’t miss a day on the water when the conditions are less than ideal.

This board pops up on foil, glides on low energy swell, and can carve up a storm. You could call the Manta your ‘daily driver.' This board is stable and has enough length, volume, and glide to lift you up onto the foil in the big blue, yet has a low enough swing weight that you can also drop-in, kick out, and pump your board back out to the lineup for another ride.


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