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Slingshot RPX V1

Slingshot RPX V1

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Package includes: RPX V1 Kite, kite bag, QSG, bladder patch kit

Fueled by insights from the world’s most demanding kiteboarders in all disciplines and based on our past building knowledge of the legendary RPM, we developed the all-new RPX.

Exceptional Response & Return

A completely redesigned Trailing-Edge shape has been implemented on the RPX. Reshaping the trailing edge has allowed us to eliminate areas of turbulence, drag, and flutter. This has ushered in next-level response out of the kite, meaning a better return to the top of the window during looping, tighter turning radius’ for surfing, and lighting fast reaction speed. 

Clean By Design

The RPX is loaded with innovative technology that includes a new streamlined premium FlyLine Bridle System. This new system boasts a diameter of a mere 1.6mm which is a 25% reduction from the previous version. It’s stronger, lighter, and allows the kite to move through the air with less drag. The canopy of the RPX had been designed to meet the needs of the modern kiteboarder. This new and highly refined canopy profile features a reduction of 88 panels from its predecessor:  the RPM. The result is a one-two punch of weight reduction and cleaner airflow. 

Open Possibilities

The RPX has been built upon a longstanding Slingshot Invention, the “Open C Canopy.” Often overlooked and misunderstood, the “Open C Canopy” is the magic of the RPX and its predecessor the RPM. This flatter arc offers an extensive range, depower, and upwind ability while also providing accurate handling and energetic response. This harmonious blend of performance and comfort enables you to progress and perform no matter who you are. The RPX is the culmination of our incredible journey with a wide array of athletes, designers, and inventors to create the next evolution of versatility in a kite.


We built the RPX to create the next evolution in freeride kite design. Why do freeride kites need to lack versatility and performance? They don’t. The RPX was built to bridge that gap and create the highest performing and most versatile freeride kite on the market.


The RPX is one of the best all-around kites on the market today. It delivers hero-level performance in every category of kiteboarding. Faster, Lighter, and more technically advanced than its predecessor; The RPX is the next evolution of a freeride kite. The RPX boasts top-of-the-line performance and Handling as well as extensive range, depower, and upwind ability. The RPX is designed to take you to your next kiteboarding milestone, no matter what that is.


  1. NEW Redesigned Trailing Edge: A completely redesigned edge has allowed us to eliminate areas of turbulence, drag, and flutter. This has ushered in next-level response out of the kite as well as better return to the top of the window during kite loops and Megaloops.
  2. NEW Clean Canopy: We reduced canopy paneling from 108 individual panels to 20. This reduces the kite's overall weight while also providing a more aerodynamic canopy profile.
  3. NEW Streamlined Flyline Bridle System:The FlyLine bridle is an invention found we used on the RPM for the past two years. During the development of the RPX, we wanted to push the possibilities of that bridle even further. By using more premium materials we were able to reduce the bridle line thickness by 25%. Riders will instantly feel less drag through the air due to this new streamlined bridle.
  4. NEW One Pump Speed System: The patented Slingshot invention now used industry-wide has gotten an upgrade. We have increased our One Pump tube diameters for cleaner airflow for easier inflation as well as repositioned the tubes to be more streamlined and durable.
  5. Open C Canopy: This flatter C-shaped arc offers an extensive range, depower, and upwind ability while also providing accurate handling and energetic response. This harmonious blend of performance and comfort enables you to progress and perform no matter who you are.
  6. 4x4 Canopy Tech: The RPX is built with Teijin 4x4 reinforced ripstop material. This is the strongest, stiffest, and most durable canopy material on the market. Your kite will last longer, have a higher resale value, and feel more solid and stable in the air, especially in a gusty wind.
  7. SplitStrut : A Slingshot invention that has been borrowed industry-wide, SplitStrut integrates the kite canopy and struts into one firmly interconnected piece rather than the canopy being sewn over the strut like lesser designs. Split Strut creates a stronger, more stable, and more durable canopy, enhances power heavy load, and creates efficiency and rigidity in the overall frame.
  8. Multiple Attachment Points: Different attachment points integrated into the kite allow you to fine-tune handling, power, and performance-based on your riding style and the conditions of a particular session. Even slight changes to these settings can make an enormous impact on the kite’s overall performance, making this a useful tool for getting the most out of your kite every time you ride.
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