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Slingshot Sentry V2 Bar

Slingshot Sentry V2 Bar

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The Sentry V2 Control Bar

Precision / Performance / Control
The Sentry V2 was designed to help you progress in your kiteboarding journey. With a smaller diameter bar and ergonomic shape, the Sentry V2 offers unparalleled comfort and performance.

Package Includes:

Sentry V2 Bar, Short Freeride Leash, Quick Release STD Loop
- 17" Bar x 20 meter lines
- 20" Bar x 22 meter lines (+2 meter line extensions)
- 23" Bar x 27 meter lines

Introducing the Sentry V2 kite bar, the ultimate in kiteboarding control systems. Designed off our trusted Sentry V1 foundation, the Sentry V2 offers a smaller diameter bar, ergonomic shape and redesign floaters. this all new Sentry offers unparalleled comfort and performance and will allow you to have complete control over your kite. Our team worked closely with riders/opinion leaders and customer feedback to create a cleaner, easier, and more high-performing control bar that will enhance your on-water experience.

To create the best bar available with the very best safety and performance features. The Sentry V2 offers a more comfortable, intuitive, connected, and high-performing experience for all kiteboarders.

The smaller diameter bar and ergonomic shape will provide unparalleled comfort and performance. Additionally, the improved design, best-in-class click-in chicken loop, and new bar lines with near-zero stretch will offer a more intuitive and high-performing experience.

New Thinner Diameter Bar

Provides a more direct feel of the kite, thereby increasing control and reducing weight.

New Soft EVA Grip

More comfortable feel = more time on the water.

Click-In Chicken Loop

Release and reload faster, more confidently, and with zero hassle.

New SK99 Flying lines

These all-new lines have almost no stretch and are thinner for less drag and a more connected feel. 500-pound fronts and 425-pound rears.

New Molded Bar Ends and Floats

Less wear-and-tear on your body and your gear.

Auto Swivel Center Hole

Simply pull in on your bar to untwist your lines. The double PU coated center lines run through our friction free triple pin center hole to provide smooth and effortless auto swivel.

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