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Something Stronger

Something Stronger

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Morten Gjerstad rocked the world with the release of Entropy last year. With Snowkiting KiteSkiing Kite Snowboarding Video He pretty much made every other DVD look bad after he filmed the first kite DVD in high definition (the clear mountain air didn’t hurt either) and then hit it out of the park with breakthrough performances in snowkiting combined with fantastic editing.Something Stronger is the sequel so this is the one to ge. Take a journey to the frontier of snowkiting in the snowdeserts of Norway, the windblown peaks of the Alps, and the bottomless powder of North America. Another hi-def film that fires on all cylinders.Once again the performances Snowkiting and Kite Snowboarding behind a kite have gone to another level. Crazy kite loops and psycho handlepasses, and even double handlepasses abound. Combine that with with more stunning cinematography, crazy locations, a great soundtrack, and great editing, and you’ve got another jaw-dropper. Fantastic and Entertaining!

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