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Sunglasses Watersports Ocean Australia

Sunglasses Watersports Ocean Australia

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Australia are surf polarized sunglasses designed by Ocean for those nature lovers who enjoy fishing and want to practice it safely and comfortably.

Surf Polarized Sunglasses

Ocean has developed these surf polarized sunglasses focusing on the most extreme conditions in which these activities are taking place. They have ATOM system polarized lens, which reduce the harmful effect in the eye when the sun reflecting on the sea, and they are floating sunglasses, they do not sin, in water:

- They are called floating sunglasses, thanks to its frame, that keeps on the water surface

- It is the finishing touch to this model of fishing polarized sunglasses so popular in the sector. Choose your favourite color and enjoy!

In addition, these surf polarized sunglasses have a non-slip material and their whiskers have sinking floats. All this means you can go fishing confidence and safety: you will not even feel you are wearing your Ocean!


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