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Tao Surf 11'6'' x 32.5'' TT

Tao Surf 11'6'' x 32.5'' TT

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The TAO Surf series is inspired by traditional surf design. The full nose and rounded pintail help you drop into waves and then carve down the line with ease. The generous widths make the board stable, which comes in handy when punching through the shore break or standing out in the lineup.

The Tao Surf is also a beautiful cruising board with a moderate rocker line that tracks and glides nicely through the water. It can accommodate multiple fin configurations (single fin or thruster setup). The overall volume is designed to suit the whole family.

SIC Ace-Tec product is manufactured in France, which helps us maintain our constant drive for innovation and control the material we use. Ace-Tec Manufacturing is eco-friendly with low energy consumption, includes recycling all our manufacturing off-cuts, and has zero polluting/toxic emissions. Our EPS cores are also made on-site, ensuring zero waste. No auto-obsolesces in our products as we ensure tough, durable long-life equipment

Ideal for

Rental companies looking for a super durable board
Paddling schools and camps
Recreational touring
Beginner surfers
Intermediate - advanced surfers that want a durable paddleboard
Great board for kids learning to paddle
Families looking for an affordable board


The TAO Surf series is inspired by traditional surf design, letting you carve down the line with ease or paddle and cruise.

Product Specifications

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  • Complete dimensions 350 cm x 82 cm x 215L
  • Weight 35 lbs / 15.9 kg
  • Max riders weight 240 lbs / 110 kg
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