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Slingshot UFO V3

Slingshot UFO V3

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Unlimited / Foiling / Object

The UFO v3, by Slingshot Sports, is the premier kite for kite foiling, designed with input from world class foiler Fred Hope, it is unmatched in its lightness, power, drift, and handling. The only of its kind, the UFO v3 is a must-have for any kite foiling enthusiast.

Package includes: UFO V3 Kite, Kite Bag, Bladder Patch Kit


The UFO v3 is a cutting-edge zero strut kite that sets the standard for performance and innovation in the world of kite foiling. Now on its third generation, this unique, zero strut design is unmatched in its lightness and power, delivering exceptional drift and intuitive handling.

 Designed with input from world class foiler Fred Hope, the UFO is by far the best kite for foiling on the market. As the only kiteboarding manufacturer to produce a kite of this design, Slingshot Sports continues to lead the way in kite foiling, offering riders the ultimate in performance and enjoyment on the water with the UFO v3.

Designed with input from world-class foiler and Slingshot athlete/employee Fred Hope, the zero-strut UFO provides the ultimate kite foiling experience.

The UFO's unique, zero-strut design makes it lightweight and powerful, while its intuitive handling makes it easy to control.
Its exceptional drift capabilities allow for a smooth and stable ride.

The UFO is an ideal kite for kite foilers who are looking for a kite that is high-performing, user-friendly, and best in class.

Lightweight Build
We have utilized lightweight materials to further progress the UFO's signature build. The result is a leading-edge material that is 25% lighter than the UFO's V1 predecessor.

Streamlined Bridle System
By using more premium materials, we were able to reduce the bridle-line thickness by 25%. Riders will instantly feel the kite dragging less through the air thanks to the streamlined bridle.

Zero Struts
With zero struts, the UFO is incredibly lightweight and able to fly in the lightest of wind conditions.

Flyweight Construction
Stripped of all excess to keep it lean, lightweight, and ultra-responsive. Minimal stitching, paneling, and reinforcements keep the UFO streamlined and simple.

Compact Swept C Canopy
Compact = Excellent steering, pivoting, and drift.
Swept C = Huge range with responsive power management to prevent over foiling.

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