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Side-Off Video

Windsurfing 101

Windsurfing 101

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A new, completely up-to-date entry level instructional windsurfing video, on DVD.

Side-Off Video collaborated with Naish Hawaii in Kailua Bay to structure this video exactly like a hands-on lesson. Naish Hawaii is Hawaii's oldest windsurfing shop and their instructors have over 50 years of combined teaching experience. The instructors, Sean, Des, Bruno, Dieter, and Na'i, start off by discussing safety concerns, parts and different types of gear, and wind knowledge. Then they do a little dry land practice before heading out for three thorough on-the-water lessons.

Their proven techniques will make you feel like you're right there getting personal instruction along the warm shores of Kailua Bay. Detailed instruction and tips on avoiding mistakes on up hauling, sheeting-in, balance, steering, tacking, jibing, and even beach starting make this a video you will want to watch over and over. Step-by-step instruction, slow motion, stop action, and helpful graphics will make learning fast, easy, and fun.

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